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    Convulsions are the symptom of epileptic seizures. Hence, these two term convulsions and seizures are often used as synonyms. The anticonvulsant drugs are also used to treat other painful conditions such as Postherpetic neuralgia and Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that involves symptoms like:

    • Muscle pain
    • Joint tenderness
    • Fatigue
    • Sleep problems
    • Flu-like systems
    • Fibromyalgia can be mild, moderate, or severe

    Causes of Convulsions:

    In most of the cases, the actual cause of the epilepsy is not known. There are certain conditions that may certainly cause epilepsy:

    • Strokes
    • Head injuries
    • Fevers
    • Deprivation of oxygen to the brain
    • Brain infections/meningitis
    • Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s
    • Brain tumors
    • Birth defects

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    Picture of Topirol 100mg Tablet 10'S

    Topirol 100mg Tablet 10'S

    Picture of Topirol 25mg Tablet 10'S

    Topirol 25mg Tablet 10'S

    Picture of Topirol 50mg Tablet 10'S

    Topirol 50mg Tablet 10'S

    Picture of ZEPTOL 100mg Tablet 10's

    ZEPTOL 100mg Tablet 10's

    About the drug: Carbamazepine is an anticonvulsant or an anti-epileptic drug. It is available under different trade names in different nations, one of which is Zeptol (made by Sun Pharma, India).
    Picture of EPTOIN 50mg Tablet 150's

    EPTOIN 50mg Tablet 150's

    What is Phenytoin? Phenytoin is an anti convulsant drug, also called an anti epileptic drug. It slows down impulses in the brain that cause seizures. Hence, it is prescribed for controlling seizures. However, it does not treat all types of seizures. Your doctor will decide if it is the right drug for your seizure condition.Phenytoin is sold under various trade names, some of which are Dilantin and Eptoin (Abott Pharmaceuticals).
    Picture of ZEPTOL 200mg Tablet 10's

    ZEPTOL 200mg Tablet 10's

    What is Carbamazepine? Carbamazepine is an anti convulsant medication. It is sold under different brand names across the globe in various nations, some of which are Tegretol, Zeptol (made by Sun Pharma) and Tegrital (made by Novartis). Carbamazepine is prescribed mainly for the treatment of seizures and nerve pain like trigeminal neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. This medication is also used to treat bipolar disorder.Carbamazepine may also be prescribed for other conditions which are not listed here.