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    Bone Metabolism

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    Picture of Idrofos 150mg Tablet 3'S

    Idrofos 150mg Tablet 3'S

    About the drug: The medicine is potent bisphosphonate which is mainly used in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Uses of the drug: The medicine is taken so that the bones are strengthened. Those who have gone through menopause or have weak bones due to osteoporosis or those women who are suffering from breast cancer and which have spread to the bones, they are advised to take the medicine. Working of the drug: Osteoporosis leads to weakening and thinning of bones and women with such conditions are likely to get fracture if they fall. The medicine works by preventing the loss of calcium from the bones and by increasing the bone mass. For those with breast cancer which has spread to the bones, the medicine is used to increase the bone mass in such people. It can also be used to reduce blood calcium in those who are suffering from excessive level of it due to certain tumours.
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