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    Picture of DEPLATT 75mg Tablet 15's

    DEPLATT 75mg Tablet 15's

    About the drug: The active ingredient of the drug is Clopidogrel. It has an anti platelet activity and is used in the prevention of blood clots in blood vessels and heart. Uses of the drug: The medicine is prescribed for treating angina or chest pain. It is also given in stroke, myocardial infarction and peripheral arterial disease. Working of the drug: The medicine works by preventing the formation of blood clots in heart and blood vessels. It prevents clotting of blood. Platelets are a type of cells that is found in blood and it is responsible for forming blood clots. Clopidogrel ensures smooth flow of blood as it prevents the formation of this clots. It is on of the most recommended preventive drug that is given in case of heart and its related disorder.
    Picture of PRASITA 10mg Tablet 10's

    PRASITA 10mg Tablet 10's

    About the drug: Prasugrel is an anti-coagulant drug that stops the blood platelets from coalescing (clotting) due to several heart or blood vessel conditions. Prasugrel is marketed and sold under several trade names worldwide, one of which is Prasita (made by Ranbaxy). Uses of the drug: It is primarily used to stop blood clots in those people with acute coronary syndrome and in those who are going through a post heart attack or post stroke procedure. Prasugrel is also prescribed for some disorders of heart or blood vessels. Prasugrel may also be prescribed for conditions not described here.
    Picture of Loparin 40mg Injection 0.4ml
    Picture of WARF 1mg Tablet 10's

    WARF 1mg Tablet 10's

    What is Warfarin? Warfarin is an anti coagulant drug (blood thinner) which prevents the formation of blood clots. Blood clots can lead to heart attack or stroke. This medication is used to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Warfarin is sold throughout the world under various brand names like Coumadin, Warf (Cipla), Uniwarfin (Unisearch) among several other brand names.Warfarin may also be prescribed for conditions not listed above.
    Picture of PLAVIX 75mg Tablet 14's

    PLAVIX 75mg Tablet 14's

    About the drug: Clopidogrel is a drug administered to maintain the thickness of the blood by preventing the platelets in the blood from sticking together and forming a clot. It acts as a preventive measure for stroke and heart attacks. It is available for oral consumption in the form of tablets. Uses of the drug: This medication is employed to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is used to inhibit blood clots in a variety of conditions such as peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, and cerebrovascular disease. Working of the drug: Clopidogrel is a prodrug; it is metabolized by CYP450 enzymes to produce the active metabolite that helps in inhibition of platelet aggregation. This active metabolite selectively inhibits adenosine diphosphate (ADP) binding to its platelet P2Y12 receptor and subsequently the ADP-mediated activation of the glycoprotein GPIIb/IIIa complex, resulting in inhibiting platelet aggregation.